“Joey DeeDee Johnny Tommy” Pin Badge – 缶バッジ by Experimental Jetset



This was designed by the in 2002, originally for t-shirt. Now it turns to be pin-badges.  Good news for the Punk Rock lovers. Beside this, there are “John Paul Ringo George” pins and “Keith Mick Bill Charlie Brian” pins are also available.

5 color ways are available and this comes as a set of 5 which are 1 piece per color way.

アーティスト/デザイナー :
Experimental Jetset / エクスペリメンタル・ジェットセット
アイテム :  缶バッジ
展開サイズ :  直径 38 mm

Artist/Designer :  Experimental Jetset
Item :
Available Sizes : 38 mm diameter
Set of 5 Pieces Pack

# EJ-73-007

Item Code:EJ-73-007
PRICE:1,575 yen per 5 piece set
(1,500 yen without tax)

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