Genevieve Gauckler’s “a good day” Exhibition

Genevieve Gacukler – ジュヌビエーヴ・ゴクレール “a good day” 展 オープニングと展覧会の模様をレポート。オープニングも大盛況で、とても楽しいショーになりました。
Photos and reports of the Genevieve Gauckler’s ‘a good day” exhibition and its opening. The opening was so crowded which was rare to happen in Fukuoka. This show was fun and very enjoyable.

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“Grow Your Hair” T-Shirt by Experimental Jetset
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The World Has Been Waiting for This T-Shirt Reissue! The Master of Dutch Graphic Design.

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“Rohrschach” T-shirt by Fly Productions / Fabian Monheim
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あなたには、何に見えますか? ファビアンからのロールシャッハ・テスト
How does it look? What do you see in this? Rohrschach test given by Fabian

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